2012 in review: artists and Crawlspace editors

i like this one a lot

Shaun South, Nihilistic Orbs / Chrome Dome

When asked to write for this, I found it hard in a way. I get very obsessed with things and will just listen to them on repeat again and again regardless of when it was released. It took me a while to think of what new releases did that to me this year.

The first album I could think of was Holy Balm’s It’s You LP. When I first grabbed a copy of it I was so excited to go home and listen to it. When putting the needle on the wax and hearing the group’s Y pants cover of (‘My Favourite Sweater’) a smile spread from ear to ear. It also made me remember the old Chooch-a-Bahn days where they would cover that song, so it brought back some fun memories that will stay with me. I danced around my apartment for hours listening to the LP on repeat. Also having been friends with them for years (as far back as high school before the Balm formed) it made me so happy to know that there are like minded people that will still be around me doing amazing and creative things. It made me VERY happy. Hell, I even caught a shitty eight hour bus ride in the middle of the night to party at their launch in Adelaide.

As far as singles go this year there is one song that really struck me: it was Scraps‘ ‘1982’. It’s simple pop music, but it’s the lyrics that helps it stand out. All amazing pop music is open to interpretation, and I was able to adapt it to what was happening in my personal life at the time. I think it’s meant to be a a love song, and in it I heard every thing I wanted to avoid about love. It evoked feelings of confusion regarding what love is, or what lust is. The right choice or wrong choice. Whether to shut down emotionally and be cold or to let one’s guard down, therefore allowing someone into your life and with warmth. Hating the idea of the baggage that comes with love, but desperately wanting to be loved still. Due to this, ‘1982’ will always remind of a time and place in my life in 2012.

And what would they say if they found out your nothing but a computer not capable of loving or feeling like a human. I dont care i would love you the same touch your bottons and print out your name” – Scraps


Hugh Young, NUN, Constant Mongrel

1. Dawn of Humans – Blurst of The Birdfish 7″
2. School Jerks LP
3. Lakes – Crossed With Leaves 7″
4. Taco Leg LP
5. Deformity – Shards 7″
6. Boston Strangler – Primitive LP
7. UV RaceAutonomy and Deliberation LP and Movie
8. The Zingers (live shows)
9. NASA Space Universe – Across the Wounded Galaxies LP
10. Mad Nanna – I Made Blood Better LP


3 thoughts on “2012 in review: artists and Crawlspace editors

  1. I just listened to Wonderfuls‘ Salty Town from start to finish, and I can honestly say that it is complete gash.

    Terrible, poncey, depressing, singing-out-of-tune-for-the-sake-of-it-becauseI-think-it’s-cool tosh.


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