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Watch: Scraps – Mushroom Gods

Not sure how old or new this Scraps song actually is, because the Brisbane songwriter’s Bandcamp page claims it was released in January 2033. And that’s impossible! All I know is that it’s not on any of her physical releases, and this filmclip is brand spanking new: I was actually the very first person to watch it on YouTube.

Scraps is probably still mostly unknown outside of Brisbane, which is a real shame, because her Disembraining Machine 7 inch from last year is well worth a listen, as is the compilation Classic Shits. She featured in the Brisbane 2012 documentary, if you want to know a bit more about her. Crawlspace will solicit an interview eventually, but in the meantime, listen to ‘Mushroom Gods’ and bawl your eyes out. And then buy the track for a buck.


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