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Listen: Matthew Brown – 34 Nomophilia

One of the best websites on the internet at the moment is Matthew Brown’s Soundcloud page. Brown plays in used to play in Zond and Super Ryden Machine, but alone he makes unfussy techno music, unfussy because it usually comprises a simple 4/4 with a straightforward lead line and quiet peripheral texture build. ’34 Nomophilia’ is all strobing raster graphics and greyscale shadows  – a minimal digital vista that thumps when played really loud.

Brown’s Soundcloud has been updated regularly of late, and there’s four tracks of material to cue up: recent highlights include the comparatively maximalist ‘Revll’, which calls to mind fellow Melbourne retro-futurists Forces. My favourite though, is the beatless drift of ‘Nihilarian’, which plays out like a walk through a low-poly 3D moonscape.


8 thoughts on “Listen: Matthew Brown – 34 Nomophilia

  1. Janus says:

    You really like this? Why do people like this? I’m no stranger to this kind of music but, no personal harm intended, I find Brown’s music tediously regressive, boring, uninteresting, tired and overhyped.

  2. Harvey Dent says:

    Who’s doing all of the overhyping? He’s been making music for yonks, hasn’t released anything and only plays shows every so often which really work sometimes and don’t so much at others (a sign of someone trying different things out?). Did I miss the outrageous semi-nude Vice Magazine photoshoot or something?

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