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Listen: Andy Citawarman – No Rewards No Regrets

If you were hoping to pin the drama of that last Snowman record on one particular member of the band, you’re barking up the wrong tree, because two of its members are demonstrating similar inclinations in their post-break up projects. Joe McKee’s record Burning Boy seemed like a natural progression from Snowman’s apocalyptic 2011 LP Absence, but this Andy Citawarman track is a similarly obvious extension of that record, and despite the rather optimistic notes that accompany ‘No Rewards No Regrets’ on his Soundcloud page, this track is devastating.

“I’ve written this song to remind me of the reality but also the beauty of our imperfections,” Citawarman writes.  A simple piano line threads its way through a drone that shifts between oppressive sadness on the one hand and an almost hopeful brightness on the other. It’s dramatic stuff. Overcast urban sidewalks and windscreens spattered with rain. The mild daily horror of unknowing.



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