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Listen: Matthew Brown – Headly Foot

We’ve already gone slightly apeshit over Matthew Brown’s tightly wound electronic music before, but here’s some more for you, and this time we’re dealing with something considerably more minimal. If you can imagine a smartly dressed Optimus Prime ever so gracefully (sexually?) budding from his practical vehicular form into a robotic mech-jiver to be reckoned with, then seriously: let’s meet up for a beer. You might also appreciate this Matthew Brown track. Brown describes it as a “post coffee breakfast jam”, which isn’t very futuristic at all.

Back on topic, ‘Heady Foot’ isn’t much of a departure from that earlier material we showcased: it’s got a slightly dusty occult vibe to it, which is a byproduct of the age of this aesthetic, I guess, more than intent. Make sure you listen to this on a set of headphones, because through computer speakers it sounds kinda like a ringtone. You need to hear/”feel” the bass, because when you do, you’ll come one step closer to knowing why 128bpm pulses are actually right up there with blast beats and pork rolls on the great shit-eating grinner’s list of the very best things.


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