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Listen: M.O.B – Goodbye Horses

avatars-000037063998-bh2r0k-t500x500Is it wrong that this, a cover of Q Lazzarus’s 1988 one-hit-wonder ‘Goodbye Horses‘, is my favourite MOB song yet? Probably. This shouldn’t reflect poorly on the material they’ve released online thus far, but this reinvention of the slinky ’80s classic is like the seedy drug dungeon equivalent to Q Lazzarus’s sleek urban skyline.

MOB, a Sydney duo featuring members of Whores and Oily Boys, will release an LP through RIP Society later this year. It’s one I’m especially looking forward to, though I’m guessing there’s a very remote chance of this appearing on it. They’re playing at the RIP Society showcase this Sunday in Sydney with Model Citizen, Half High, Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys and Destiny 3000.



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