New Music

Watch: #459 – Nerve Center

Here’s a clip by Brisbane based electronic artist #459. ‘Nerve Center’ features on a new self-titled EP available over here for five bucks. It’s the work of Merl Beauregard, who has also created clips for Multiple Man and Gravel Samwidge.

The song itself is strange in the way it relishes the use of fairly cheap sounding synthetic percussion. Those hi-hats sound so airy and unloved. It has a made-to-order quality reminiscent of the demo track on your high school Casio, but if you stare at the clip while you’re listening it somehow manages to sustain your interest. Or at least it did mine.

If you’re unconvinced by the above clip it’s worth sampling the rest of the tracks on the EP. They have a certain innocent charm about them, especially ‘Retrograde’.



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