New Music

Listen: The Mermaids – Schlep Salsa

This previously unheard The Mermaids track is just one cog in a larger machine. This is the Newcastle duo’s contribution to a huge double cassette compilation releasing shortly on Altered States Tapes called Feral Flotsam. The tape is due some time this month, and it has a huge track list that will boggle the mind of folk this way inclined. Here are but a few of the 34 artists who feature: Castings, xNoBBQx, X-Wave, Tailings, Bitter Defeat, Astral Social Club, Joel Stern, Muura, Cured Pink, Oranj Punjabi, 6majik9… the list, obviously, goes on.

The tape will launch in Melbourne on November 24 with several bands on the compilation performing, including Mshing with Military Position, VDO, Chronox, Tim Coster, Mu and Dry Mouth. The details are on Facebook. In the meantime, listen to this Mermaids track and prepare. Definitely the weirdo tape event of the year.



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