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Download: The Mermaids – Dolphin Cove

Crawlspace was sent a new batch of Grog Pappy releases recently. Grog Pappy is a Newcastle cassette label operated by The Guy From Cock Safari (his name is Michael), but we haven’t got around to reviewing them yet because our tape player is busted. Get around to them we will, though, but in the meantime, the benevolent folk at that label have offered up a free download of the now-sold-out Mermaids tape from last year. Titled Dolphin Cove, it’s liable to put a smile on the dial of any fan of shit-eating Newcastle noise.

The Mermaids consists of aforementioned guy from Cock Safari and Nick French from Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts. Cooper Bowman recently described Grog Pappy’s output as “the greatest insight into Newcastle you are likely to get, outside of getting your head kicked in outside The Kent”. He’s from Newcastle, so you should listen to him.

Visit the Grog Pappy website for your free, no-strings-attached download. For more immediate thrills, watch this live footage of a July performance at Newcastle’s Terrace Bar.



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