New Music

Listen: Erasers – This Stays On My Mind


Erasers has always come across as Western Australia’s answer to Fabulous Diamonds. ‘This Stays On My Mind’ doesn’t do much to change that impression: Rebecca Orchard’s nonchalant, doing-her-tax-while-watching-Stateline vocal demeanor still sounds a lot like Nisa Venerosa, and the instrumentation is pretty similar too.

Still, there’s room for two bands like this, especially when most bands in Australia sound like Wavves or Vampire Weekend. And there are elements here that distinguish Erasers: the almost schmaltzy but unaccountably effective electric guitar line drives this track alarmingly close to latter-day Pink Floyd at times, but most will prefer to blame it on German influences.

‘This Stays On My Mind’ is Erasers’ first release since last year’s Twin Spurs EP, which explored a more sedated, new age realm. No word on a longer release to come as yet.



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