New Music

Listen: Galapagoose remixes Wooshie

wooshieRemember Wooshie’s Boyfriend Material EP from last year? It was a limited run cassette through This Thing, the label/collective that Dylan Michel (that’s Wooshie fyi) founded a couple of years ago. You can still download Boyfriend Material for a couple of bucks here, but the subject at hand is a remix of ‘Song For My Father’ by fellow Melbourne producer Galapagoose. The remix captures the tranquil urban mood of the original, but renders it even more tranquil and probably a bit less urban. Whatever the case, it’s very nice. It’s also very cheap, at $0.00.

Wooshie is playing the launch of Electric Sea Spider’s debut LP Supercash later this month. We’ll be talking more about Electric Sea Spider in the coming weeks, but in the meantime, look at the event and say you’ll be going to it. It’s good to be organised.



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