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Listen: Wolf 359 – Fragments

These guys are based in Melbourne and, according to their Facebook page, there’s a lot of people involved in the group but I believe it’s mainly the vehicle of Peter James. They’ve got a new record forthcoming on Ice Age Productions, which is also home to that last Cloakroom Assembly LP by Scattered Order member Michael Tee. Fittingly, there’s a strong early ’80s weirdo synth vibe to Wolf 359: Locally, I’m thinking Laughing Hands (we do love to reference them) and early, more grizzly Scattered Order, but the track we’ve selected below is more intergalactic drift than inner-city destitution.

Little bit of trivia/important info: Wolf 359 is actually a red dwarf star just outside our Solar System (but still, you know, several light years away). With that in mind, listen to this track and imagine that you’re there.