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Listen: The Zingers – Husk Hole


“The Zingers are not a joke band,” says the blurb for this Melbourne group’s debut LP. “The point was to reverse every punk stereotype and counter the pissweak idea of writing ‘dumb music’ and lack of progression that seemed to dominate punk at the time.”

The Zingers formed in 2010, so ‘the time’ they mention above is between then and now, presumably. I don’t know why anyone would consider The Zingers a joke band, but then, the track below and the album art above are all I’ve seen and heard of the band, and both are early signs of greatness in my opinion. Featuring former and current members of groups including Flesh World, Chrome Dome and Pathetic Human, The Zingers album was actually recorded back in 2011 and is the first on a new label called Million Dollar Records. I can’t find anyone stocking it at present, but the label’s blog has a contact address.