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Listen: Baba-X – Deeper Than Night

This is some very luxurious but faintly ominous deep house by Melbourne producer Baba-X. He has a new digital and cassette release called Sounds of the Concrete Forest Vol. 3, which runs the gamut between that ubiquitous variety of post-Dilla instrumental hip-hop and tracks like ‘Deeper Than Night’, which is embedded below. I prefer the latter, with its faint purplene glow and city-at-dusk smog haze. Don a pair of headphones and watch Akira with the sound down while listening to this.

Baba-X is the project of Luis Cran-Lawrence, who also performs/produces under the titles Pink Notes and Zanzibar Chanel. He’s part of that //This Thing// cabal, which also boasts Wooshie, Andras Fox and Thomas William among plenty of others. If you want the tape get cracking, because it’s limited to 50 copies.