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Listen: Nun – Solvents

Here at the sprawling Crawlspace corporate headquarters, we used to keep a monkey chained to a notebook whose sole task was to refresh the Google search “Nun Melbourne Nihilistic Orbs 7 Inch” for twelve hours a day, so that when the band finally released some officially recorded track onto an unsuspecting internet, we’d be the first left not suspecting. The monkey kinda failed though, and by the time you read this the track will have circulated for about 24 hours. Sorry about that.

Anyway, here is the first taste of the group’s forthcoming 7 inch on Nihilistic Orbs. It’s four-minutes of LED-flanked synth pop that kinda sounds like it’s sung by the ugly little monsters in The Garbage Pail Kids movie. Which is a ringing endorsement indeed. Nun is a four-piece featuring members of Woollen Kits and Constant Mongrel, but if neither of those groups float your boat there’s no reason you won’t like this. We’ll have a proper review of the 7 inch once we’ve acquired and digested.