Scott & Charlene’s Wedding: a brief Q&A


Scott & Charlene’s wedding is touring Australia as we speak. The band, which currently resides in New York, passed through their native Melbourne on March 15, but have two other east coast stops before they nick off back abroad. Their side of a split with Peak Twins has just been reissued through Critical Heights, as well as the third run of Paravista Social Club, following editions released both independently and through Bedroom Suck.  A new record is due later this year through Bedroom Suck and Fire Records.

To alleviate our anticipation for the group’s Sydney return this Saturday night at the Red Rattler (which will also feature the long awaited rebirth of Circle Pit), we sent guy-who-writes-the-songs-and-generally-runs-the-show Craig Dermody a few perfunctory and inane questions in the name of lite entertainment. Rest assured we’ll tear Dermody’s brain a new one when the new record releases later this year (if he obliges). Also note that we forgot to ask him about the new Total Recall film.

Scroll to the bottom for dates.

How’s New York been treating you?
Good! Super cold but good. Just finished the new record and a film clip, which has been super fun.

Footscray Station is being renovated at the moment. Feelings?
The elevators could be made of gold and babes could swipe your card for you and I’d still hate the joint at 6am.

The original pressing of Paravista Social Club had individual, handmade cover slips. Why did you choose the art you did for the Bedroom Suck reissue?
It was my favorite cover of all the 200. It also took me the least of amount of time. Thirty seconds, and as soon it was done I knew it was the best work I’d ever done.

Critical Heights has just reissued Paravista Social Club as well. Did you expect this LP to get so much mileage?
Na, I still laugh about how much mileage I’ve got out of that record. It just keeps on going and going. It’s been a pleasant surprise.

There’s a new record coming, right? Got any details?
Umm, it’s more set in New York now and we recorded in a great studio, but I’ve still written all the songs in the same way. Heaps of down and out tracks and heaps of come back songs. Heaps of brokenhearted rock songs of course too.

Matt Kennedy from Kitchen’s Floor wrote a tour diary for us recently. He wrote that you worked as a bouncer in New York. How did you enjoy that experience?
Enjoy is not the word I’d use for that job, in fact I would say that it was an awful experience. Basically I had to pick out the who’s who of NYC and keep everyone else out. Soul crushing, but I got a few songs out of it.


Tour dates:

Saturday March 23 – Red Rattler, Sydney
w/ Songs + The Friendsters

Sunday March 31 – The Blurst of Times Festival, Brisbane
w/ Violent Soho, Bitch Prefect, Terrible Truths + more

New Music

Listen: Degreaser – Too Tall For Me

Following Degreaser’s debut 2011 LP, which was enchantingly titled Bottom Feeder, comes a new release on Negative Guest List called Sweaty Hands. Degreaser is a New York-based group featuring Tim Evans of Bird Blobs and Sea Scouts fame, so there’s a handful of people who will have already made up their minds about this, ie, that it’ll be awesome. I’m not so sure, as I’ve never followed the guy’s music closely (never heard a Sea Scouts record *flinches*) but this sounds debased and sordid enough to hold my attention for at least four minutes, which is… good.

This track reminds me of a time when I lived in a Bathurst sharehouse. One of the townsfolk came around and set up a bucket bong in the centre of the room. He took a massive hit and then had an epileptic fit, taking down one of my housemates’ ornamental mannikins (dressed in a dog collar but otherwise nude) in the process. After his fit he kinda just sat there with his legs crossed for a bit, and then had another bong. Get stoned at any cost, this music tells me subliminally. Full review shortly.