Hashram Audio Concern: A very brief, fact-oriented chat


Hashram Audio Concern is a label run by Michael Donnelly. Anyone who cares about weird Australian scree will recognise that name from various musical projects including Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood. Donnelly was also the operator of the ye olde Music Your Mind Will Love You label. The newer label released a tonne of stuff last year, after quietly launching in 2010. As a close follower of the MYMWLY catalogue, I was surprised, happy, and pissed off with myself when I realised there was heaps of new stuff that I didn’t know about.

Anyway, there’s a No Guru LP coming out on Hashram Audio Concern next month, so I thought I’d send Donnelly a few catch-up questions. Here’s how it went. While you’re reading, listen to this track from 6majik9, one of Donnelly’s many musical projects.

You launched Hashram Audio Concern properly last year, is that right?
No, it was late 2010.

Why did you decide to start afresh after MYMWLY?

What distinguishes this label from MYMWLY?
Multiple formats… digital, cassette, CD-R, vinyl.

Are the editions still as elaborately packaged as the MYMWLY ones?

What bands are you playing in nowadays?
6majik9, Mansion, Ffehro, Unwar, Terracid, Sixevenine, No guru, Sky Needle…

Does Brothers of the Occult Sisterhood still exist?

Are you still based in Kyogle?

What are you enjoying music-wise?

What Australian artists are interesting to you at the moment?
6majik9, Mansion, Ffehro, Unwar, Terracid, Sixevenine, No guru, Sky Needle…

What’s the story with the No Guru LP you’re releasing next month?
No Guru is a long-running Brisbane improv project initiated and maintained by Joel Stern. There’s No Guru was recorded in 2006 and reveals the band in rhythmic/ethnofraud mode. more importantly though, the album is released to celebrate and honor the life of Jeremy Nuske, who sadly passed away in 2010. Jeremy was a core member of not only No Guru but also the underground experimental music culture of Brisbane in the 2000s. The album also marks the debut vinyl release for Hashram.

Have you seen the Total Recall remake? If so, thoughts?
No. but I know for a fact that Dick is dead, thank fuck. if he knew what they did he would die.

No Guru’s There’s No Guru will release next month on Hashram Audio Concern. Check out the label catalogue here.