New Music

Listen: Mitchell Brennan – Eminent Domain

Long term readers of Crawlspace will know that we schedule our daily posts for 6am every morning. On the dot. So we offer up this new Mitchell Brennan track – from a forthcoming Mazurka Editions cassette – in the hope that at least 10,000 of our Daily Inventory (ie, you) will hear it at that bright, hopeful hour of the day. Go grab a bowl of Weet-bix and put the kettle on, stare listlessly out the window, reflect on your dreams, wonder at your life, and listen to this.

Mitchell Brennan used to play in a band called Brassskulls, one of a legion of bleak noise groups to emerge from Newcastle in the last decade. Now he’s in Melbourne, and to make up for the fact that he now festers in the city that brought us Smith Journal, his music is a lot harsher than Brassskulls’ (from memory) much quieter, ominous melee. Anyway, hurry up and listen. It’s dreamy in its own pummeling way.

Edit: looks like Soundcloud doesn’t want to embed this, so just click through on the embed below.