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Listen: Lucy Cliche – Shallow Shadow


Here’s a new song by Lucy Cliche, following her Picture Yourself cassette from last year. No word on whether it will be appearing on any forthcoming release, but ‘Shallow Shadow’ sounds like a natural development in the way it brings Lucy’s goth techno and pop tendencies closer together.

Lucy Cliche will play alongside Four Door, Lace Curtain and Freejack at Boney on May 17, as part of a Crawlspace Presents show.


Crawlspace Presents: Four Door, Lace Curtain, Lucy Cliche and Freejack in Melbourne

satmay17Crawlspace is happy to announce its second show in Melbourne this May, in conjunction with Dettol Forever. Featuring Four Door, the first Lace Curtain show in an age, Lucy Cliche and Freejack, it will take place May 17 at Boney in Melbourne. It follows our well-attended show in August last year, which featured Wonderfuls, Love Chants, Flat Fix and Woollen Kits.

If you don’t know any of these artists then it’s clear you have never read this website before, in which case the following relevant links will provide useful information. Lace Curtain is the duo of Dave West and Mikey Young. Live, according to material we were sent, Lace Curtain is “David physically and emotionally torturing a microphone and a sampler.” They are set to release a new 12 inch very soon, but in the meantime you can read this interview we conducted upon the release of their second record last year.

Four Dour is the duo of Matthew Hopkins (Half High, Naked on the Vague, solo) and Jonathan Hochman (Holy Balm). They released their first 12 inch last year through Nihilistic Orbs. We were rapturous (if slightly ambiguous and prolix) in our praise.

Lucy Cliche is one half of Half High, Knitted Abyss and Naked on the Vague. She released an excellent cassette album entitled Picture Yourself late last year which is perfect for late night drives to Mount Canobolas with billy in tow.

Finally Freejack is Liam Osborne, formerly of Flesh World, and the designer of the poster at the top of the page. We spoke to him a couple of months ago about his excellent Untitled Documents cassettes, chiefly because we were too engrossed in the music to formulate a cogent review.

We hope to see you there, because it is going to be a very good show. Say you’re going on Facebook, if you like.

New Music

Listen: Lucy Cliche – Picture Yourself


We wrote a while back that Lucy Cliche – aka one half of Half High, Knitted Abyss and Naked on the Vague – was preparing to release her first debut album. Now we can report that said album is officially released. Entitled Picture Yourself, it’s available in both digital and cassette format, and it’s interesting how different the record sounds depending on the format you choose. While the songs retain a dreamy goth atmosphere across both formats, many of the sharper and rawer electronic sounds are softened on cassette, and it makes an astonishing difference to the overall mood. It’s almost like night and day.

I want to write something about this record at greater length one day, but in the meantime you should stream the album below and see what you think. More urgently, you should go see Lucy Cliche play alongside Lakes, Justin Fuller and MOB at The Square in Sydney this Saturday night. The show has been organised by the very organised and nice folk from FBI’s Ears With Ears. Check out the poster below the embed. Lucy Cliche and Lakes have released two of the better albums of the year, and MOB is likely to release one of the best albums of 2014, so it’d be really stupid not to go along.


New Music

Listen: Lucy Cliche – New Directions

Something to look forward to: Lucy Cliche, aka Lucy Phelan, aka one half of Half High, Naked on the Vague and Knitted Abyss, is releasing her own record later this year. ‘New Directions’ is one of the most texturally luxurious songs I’ve heard since the last Angel Eyes LP: listen to those ever-so-slightly clipping chimes, and the way they sound stuck somewhere between new age and the minimal score to a 1980s made-for-TV drama. That’s exactly the best sound you can make with any instrument. There’s a bit of an early 4AD mood here as well but it’s goth sans frills and lace, and with a disorienting, hall-of-mirrors wrongness to it. This record is gonna be great, I can feel it.

The record is called Picture Yourself. It was recorded in Belgium and will be out later in 2013.