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Listen: White Hex – Paradise

White Hex is the duo of Jimi Kritzler (Slug Guts) and Tara Green. We wrote a fair bit about the duo back in the heady days of 2012, upon the release of their first EP through Nihilistic Orbs. Now they have an LP forthcoming, set for release through it Records and Felte in June. Entitled Gold Nights, the track embedded below will feature on it.

The first reaction I had when listening to ‘Paradise’ was surprise, because the mood is quite far removed from their previous material. With production provided by Forces’ Alex Akers, White Hex sound less like an anomaly in the former-Nihilistic Orbs orbit.

These textures feel like reflective takes on transcendent ’90s trance, mixed with some of the ’80s pop deconstructions the likes of Games have been vendoring for a while. It’s refreshing to hear these sounds presented without the deftness-of-touch approach that a lot of ‘smart’ modern pop groups might be inclined to apply: the ecstatic extremeness of this song is a very beautiful thing. The synth walls sound on the verge of combustion. Everything is felt to its fullest capacity.

It will be very difficult to sit on the fence with this new White Hex album, I’m predicting.