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Listen: Flat Fix – Information Doubles

Flat Fix played the first Crawlspace Presents show in Melbourne last year and it was one of the best sets I’d witnessed in a long time. The duo of Cooper Bowman (Altered States Tapes) and Nick Senger (Castings) have played pretty frequently around Melbourne of late but there’s been little news on the release front, until now.

It’s a pretty neat fit that the first Flat Fix release, as yet untitled, will issue as a cassette through Not Not Fun later this year. We don’t have a more specific release window nor the cover art (that image above is not the cover art) but anyone keen to get their hands on some of the material aired during Flat Fix’s live shows will be happy to hear that both ‘Cerulean Blue’ and ‘Hope to Cope’ feature on the tape, along with the below embedded ‘Information Doubles’.

New Music

Listen: Flat Fix – Hope to Cope


Here’s a new Flat Fix track, which you’ll recognise if you attended the Crawlspace Presents… show at the Gaso back in August (if you weren’t there, here’s a well-recorded bootleg). On the strength of that show and the few recordings they’ve posted online, the duo consisting Nick Senger (Castings) and Cooper Bowman (Altered States, RSI, here sometimes) are going to eviscerate all of our tiny, apathetic minds when they get around to recording something official. ‘Hope to Cope’ comes with the caveat that it’s “unmastered”, but like ‘Cerulean Blue‘ before it this shouldn’t get in the way of you enjoying it. If it does… close your browser and go for a walk.


Crawlspace Presents: Love Chants, Wonderfuls, Woollen Kits and Flat Fix in Melbourne

crawlspacepres1Crawlspace is very proud to announce its first Crawlspace Presents show at the Gasometer Hotel in Melbourne this August 3. We’ll be hosting the album launches for Love Chants’ 12 inch debut on Quemada Records (reviewed here) and the imminent LP reissue of Wonderfuls’ 2012 CD-R Salty Town (Wonderfuls interviewed here).

Joining Love Chants and Wonderfuls will be Melbourne’s finest pop group Woollen Kits, marking one of their first live appearances in yonks, as well as Flat Fix.

Say you’re going to the event on Facebook if you want.

Here’s the awkward press material. Read it very carefully:

Crawlspace Magazine will present four of Australia’s finest at Melbourne’s Gasometer Hotel on August 3, 2013.

LOVE CHANTS will launch their debut Quemada-issued 12 inch EP, marking the trio’s first performance in Melbourne. Consisting Michael Zulicki (Mad Nanna, Albert’s Basement), Anthony Guerra (Black Petal) and Matt Earle (Breakdance the Dawn, xNOBBQx), Love Chants “is two guitars, a drum kit and a spectral voice, dispensing the peripheral concerns of beauty and reaching for its simplest elements.”

Brisbane’s WONDERFULS released Salty Town in 2012, a collection of straightforward and bleakly impressionistic songs borne of small town addiction and mental illness. Salty Town is one of the most unrelentingly bleak, darkly funny and transfixing records of the modern age. The duo’s performance will celebrate the LP reissue with copies available at the show. Rare opportunity.

WOOLLEN KITS need no introduction: the Melbourne trio released two LPs via RIP Society in 2012. Songs about girls and other important issues. One of the best pop groups going around.

FLAT FIX is a duo featuring Nick Senger (Castings, Alzheimer Blanks) and Cooper Bowman (RSI, Altered States Tapes). Together they produce strange electronic music using analog hardware. No woosy Brian Eno cliches, no retro house. Strange and transporting.

New Music

Listen: Flat Fix – Cerulean Blue


Flat Fix is Castings guy Nick Senger and Cooper Bowman, who you’ll know as the guy that runs Altered States Tapes, among other things (he also sometimes writes for Crawlspace). This duo has been around for a while, but it seems more real now that they’ve got a proper name and a proper, streamable song, albeit just a “rough demo”.

‘Cerulean Blue’ doesn’t sound as rough as that descriptor implies: there’s a tonne of current bands/artists plowing this field, and a lot of them are happy to let their “synth jams” derail, presumably because that’s what gives it an edge over ye olde kosmiche guys. But no, Flat Fix locks in and stays locked in right until the end: even as constellations of slightly distorted and atonal sound appear in the otherwise sleek and ordered vector-scape.

There’s actually a really tantalising proximity with house here, but this track is a little too dirty, sonically, to fit that mould perfectly. Which isn’t to say you couldn’t dance to this, but maybe you’d be better off (and safer) getting drunk and staring at the wall. Very good for a “rough demo”.