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Listen: Fingers Pty Ltd – Micromachines

fingersptyltdThe artist sent me this track yesterday with the subject heading Anonymous New Music From Australia, which elicited two emotions. One was: the person(s) responsible for this are so unsure about what they’re doing that they don’t want their names attached to it. The other was: it’s anonymous! How interesting. Anonymity is the most succulent bait in an artist’s promo arsenal, after all. But then I listened to ‘Micromachines’, Fingers Pty Ltd’s newest track, and I liked it. So here we are.

I wrote back to Fingers Pty Ltd asking where they’re from specifically, and to tell me more. I got no response for the first question, but regarding the latter, “[‘Micromachines’ is] the first of a series of work made between 2am – 4am on Friday nights between friends of Fingers who haven’t worked with each other before and may never again (combinations change monthly)”. This track comprises a simple two note guitar line accompanied by pretty cultish chants and fiddled-out micro synth ditties. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably related to Brainbeau / X in O, but that’s drawing a long bow. They don’t want us to know anyway.

While ‘Micromachines’ is nice in a sleepless, 14th-hour-into-a-video-game-binge kinda way, other Fingers Pty Ltd material provides more immediate pleasures. Check out the track below. If you know anything about this group, let us know.