Taco Leg – S/T (LP)

Taco Leg is a shitty band. There are people who hate them because they’re shit, and then there are people who genuinely like them because they’re shit. Whichever way you approach Taco Leg, they are definitely shit on some level.

‘Raiders’ is the shittest song of 2012. It is about Indiana Jones, but it gets the facts wrong. Indiana Jones never “left his whip under the door” as the song suggests. It was actually his hat. Similarly, when Jones fell into a pit of snakes, he never did so “with [his] mates”. Factual inaccuracies aside, ‘Raiders’ is the best song on this album, because within its three-note, two-chord melee lay a song that ensures that you will never feel dispassionate about an Indiana Jones film ever again, because you will remember this song and feel strongly about it. That’s the power of punk music for you. ‘Raiders’ is the best song about Indiana Jones ever written and also, completely by accident, the best rock song of 2012.

Here’s how Taco Leg operate: there’s a single, hopeless guitarist. There’s a vocalist who wants to let you into his very boring world. There’s a drummer who blithely takes all this shit seriously, or at the very least tolerates it, and so drums. This record is the least important work of art you’ll hear this epoch. Reckless stupidity can be liberating in punk rock music, in a clenched-fist, bloody minded way. But this record is drunk and incoherent. It doesn’t mean anything, and if it did, it’d mean you should go to bed. Just shut the hell up, and go to bed.

These songs are performed in a fashion that mocks your desire to find meaning in them. We’ve all been stuck in a conversation about the laundry, or about a film we don’t care about, or about a desire we neither appreciate nor even want to engage with. And that’s what Taco Leg is about: nothing that is interesting. It’s the most superfluous work of art you’ll hear in 2012 and easily the year’s shittiest album, but not in the sense that it will win an AMP award or something.

Label: Fan Death
Release Date: November 2012

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Listen: Taco Leg – Raiders

“Technically inept” guitar playing, excruciatingly literal lyrics, and the best drummer in Perth? It must be Taco Leg. This trio have a couple of releases under their belt, most notably 2009’s ‘Freemason’s Hall’ single (which was awesome), but now they’ve gone and recorded an album, and Baltimore based label Fan Death have again agreed to release it. We’re reviewing the whole thing soon, but FYI: it features 12 songs and runs at just under 18 minutes. This is exactly what you want from a debut Taco Leg album.

The self-titled LP releases mid-November. You can order it through Fan Death but local retailers will get it in, no doubt. The track below is the opener, and it’s the reason you’ll have a song about Indiana Jones stuck in your head for the rest of the year. Good luck with that.