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Listen: Mazurka Editions’ For Godsake Hold Your Tongue


Here’s an interesting compilation cassette from Newcastle-based tape label Mazurka Editions. This imprint has released a lot of worthy material since it was founded last year, including tapes from Teen Ax, Tailings, Mitchell Brennan, Muura and more. Strong work ethic, close attention to detail, increasingly diverse roster.

For Godsake Hold Your Tongue is a double cassette compilation affording four Australian noise artists a side each. Dotabata is Melbourne-based Carey Knight, who also runs the Cantankerous Records label. Oranj Punjabi is Fjorn Butler, who has previously released material on Altered States Tapes and Mazurka Editions, among others. Cock Safari has his own side and probably needs little introduction: he’s Michael of Grog Pappy and The Mermaids fame. Regarding Enak… I’m pretty sure it’s a member of Castings. That’s all the data I have.

I’m not gonna say too much about the actual music because I’ve only heard these samples, but I’ll track the tape down, have a listen, and then dutifully report back. The samples alone sound, let’s just say: promising. In the meantime, buy the tape here.