Listen: Clinton Green on More Talk, Less Action


More Talk, Less Action is a series of discussions on noise and experimental music, starting August 22 and presented by West Space in Melbourne. Run by Shame File Music’s Clinton Green and Greg Wadley, the first talk features John Nixon and The Donkey’s Tail, composer Linda Kouvaras and Sabbatical owner Mark Groves discussing the aesthetics of noise and ‘wrong sound’, with moderation by Green.

It’ll be an interesting talk, especially in light of the below interview with Clinton Green (conducted by Paul Kidney) where he discusses the primacy of “ideas” in noise and experimental music. “We have a feeling that it’s almost a taboo to talk about the ideas behind music, rather than [to simply say] that’s good or that’s bad…,” Green says.

“[it’s not the case with] all left-of-centre music, but with a lot of it I think the ideas are important. I think if you’re going to call something classically experimental then there’s got to be a concept in there somewhere, a conceptuality in there somewhere, otherwise I don’t think you can really call it experimental.”

You can listen to the full interview here, which was originally broadcast on PBS. Details on the event here.

New Music

Listen: Clinton Green – Turntable at Dawn

The track’s called ‘Turntable at Dawn’ because it’s literally Clinton Green playing a turntable at dawn, in his backyard, in symphony with barking dogs and distant car horns. In Green’s words, “objects and percussive instruments are placed on the turntable platter to create chaotic rhythms,” in an attempt to “integrate with the ambient sound in the backyard (both natural and industrial).”

Most folk interested in strange Australian music will be familiar with Clinton Green: he’s the founder of Shame File Music, the label responsible for those utterly indispensable Artifacts of Australian Experimental Music compilations, among other things. He also maintains this blog about Melbourne experimental music. This CD-R is available in a limited run of (take a deep breath) 30 copies, and will be available at a launch rave in Melbourne on November 5. If you’re a daredevil, you could hope they’re still available afterwards and buy it from the Shamefile Music site.