New Music

Listen: Static Cleaner Lost Reward – Comet Barnacle

Here’s an unexpectedly beautiful take from Static Cleaner Lost Reward’s new cassette on Altered States Tapes. The work of Tarquin Manek of Bum Creek, Static Cleaner Lost Reward is but one cassette among at least three that he’s released of late: two under his own name, and one as Static Cleaner. The track at hand is less frenetic than the material we’ve featured by another of Manek’s projects, Thugquota, as it makes a break from the lurid humour of that project into a sound you can dream inside of. I’ve just read Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke, so it kinda reminds me of that scene where the stranded astronaut realises there are things living in that foreign cylindrical ocean. We’ve got a bunch of Manek’s material we want to write about in greater depth soon, so keep an eye out.

New Music

Listen: Bum Creek – Matrix Pills ;-) Babe

Things have been pretty quiet on the Bum Creek front of late. One part of the group is working solo under the name Thugquota, but they’ve not released anything official since 2010’s Al, which was a barrel of laughs. While we patiently wait, tinned foodstuffs and a shotgun at the ready, we’re pleased to offer you a stream of this track from a forthcoming Chapter Music LP, which celebrates that label’s 20th anniversary. With the help of a calculator, we’ve calculated that label head Guy Blackman has been releasing records since most of the content-generating monkeys here at Crawlspace were adolescents. A stat well suited to the bottom of a Tooheys New cap.

The double LP is called 20 Big Ones, and it features 20 rare and/or unreleased tracks from groups connected with Chapter Music on fashionable coloured vinyl. Acts include Dick Diver, Primitive Calculators, Small World Experience, Minimum Chips and exactly 16 others. They’re only available at shows though, so you’ll need to attend either the Melbourne or Sydney birthday celebrations to pick one up. Record collecting recluses, it’s time to harden up.

Here are the dates. Scroll to the bottom for the Bum Creek track.

Sat Nov 17, North Melbourne Town Hall, 3.30pm – ALL AGES

with Crayon Fields, Twerps, Beaches, Pikelet, Laura Jean, Primitive Calculators, Jonny Telafone, Standish/Carlyon, Clag, New Estate and Bum Creek

Sat Nov 24, Goodgod Small Club, Sydney, 7pm

with Crayon Fields, Laura Jean, Standish/Carlyon, Guy Blackman, Jonny Telafone