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Listen: Gardland live on Spiral Sounds


Gardland is a relatively new two-man production unit from Sydney. Featuring Alex Murray from Bon Chat Bon Rat and Mark Smith, there’s not a lot of recorded material floating around at this stage, though the sadly defunct Life Aquatic blog did post about ‘Jaws’ back in early 2012. Probably the most meaty portion of recorded material you’ll hear from the duo comes in the form of this recent live performance on 2ser’s Spiral Sounds program (co-hosted by occasional Crawlspace contributor Daniel Gottlieb). It’s a 40 minute live improvisation that showcases the duo’s strange analog-driven techno, poised somewhere between stern dancefloor stylings and more freeform experimental sound design.

There was talk of a new EP coming in January, but that’s still yet to materialise. I sent an interrogative message to their Facebook account, to which they replied: “Got the masters back for the EP today, finally. It’ll be released on our record label Hunter Gatherer as soon as we finish laying the groundwork for that.” Good news then. In the meantime, here’s the full improvisation from the Spiral Sounds session, split into two parts. Put your headphones on for this. They’re supporting Oneohtrix Point Never at Civic Underground in March.