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Listen: Tuff Sherm – Smugglers Bureau

It’s comforting to know that while the world deteriorates around us, a stockpile of Tuff Sherm releases will keep accumulating in the meantime, ready to properly ring out the end times. Smugglers Bureau is the Sydneysider’s latest; a 12-inch set for release through London-based label Berceuse Heroique imminently. The record also features ‘Easy Company’, as well as a remix of said track by L.I.E.S producer Delroy Edwards.

The last Tuff Sherm release I listened to was Shrapnel Maestro, and compared to that release ‘Smugglers Bureau’ (embedded below) sounds a lot more intricately wrought and dance floor ready. There’s also an ominous industrial flavour lurking in there somewhere, but it’s neither dour nor disturbed. It’s just… Tuff Sherm. There’s a barking dog in it.