Photos from Fitz Fest 2013

When you go to a festival, especially one as good as the inaugural Sydney Fitz Festival, it’s very nice to go home and look at photos of it. We know this, and that’s why we’ve got a slideshow for you below. Look at that, or check out the individual photos below.

All photos of Yasmin Nebenfuhr.

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New Music

Listen: Beef Jerk – Beef Jerk Story

There’s not a lot to dislike about a band when their demo’s cover has a Vietnamese pork roll on it, unless you’re vegetarian. It’s possible to get a pork roll without pork though, so relax! On their Bandcamp page Beef Jerk make it explicit that the source of said pork roll is Marrickville Pork Roll, the maddest pork roll vendor in all of Marrickville, which is a huge feat because Marrickville is the official Suburb of Pork Rolls and Phở (suck it up Cabramatta). This place even got namechecked by Royal Headache once.

It’s okay to curry favour among the refined pork roll consuming citizens of Marrickville, and you can’t blame Beef Jerk for warming their hands at the zeitgeist. But when will the lines of people cuing out front of this little hole in the wall realise there’s a pork roll place right next door that never attracts a line-up, yet their pork rolls are just as good? They even serve a large variety of juices. Juiced on the spot!

Anyway, Beef Jerk is a band and here is their song. It’s from a demo. More at their Bandcamp.