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Listen: Danny Whitten’s Veins – Harold Holt



Danny Whitten’s Veins is a punk band from Adelaide who follow a recent uprising in acts who outwardly reference Flipper, forever the kings of bad taste US punk. Despite their name being a reference to a former Crazy Horse guitarist (who died of a booze and valium cocktail rather than the ravaging of opiates their name suggests), there is no virtuosity here, just oversaturated vocals and simpleton dynamics. It’s as punishing and trying a listen as you’ll find, with as flailing an approach as their clear interstate contemporaries in Sydney’s Housewives and Melbourne’s Dribble.

‘Harold Holt’ opens their self-titled cassette and taunts the still-missing Prime Minister with goading shouts of “swim Harry, swim,” a rapid and quickly forgotten sentiment that sits in opposition to the six-minute death knell of ‘Tick the Boxes.’ Other tracks preference the more fleeting approach, but the weight of noise bears down on the tape throughout.


The self-titled Danny Whitten’s Veins cassette is available on Major Crimes Records through distro’s such as No Patience.



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