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Listen: Power – Serpent City

Power are a relatively new three-piece to arise from Melbourne, a city decreasingly home to solid rock bands. Power’s members have a pedigree comprised of some of the better punk outfits of the last few years – Soma Coma, Dribble, Gutter Gods and Kromosom among ‘em. They play a kinda stomp that calls to mind the intuitive riffage of the Young brothers all while maintaining a steady boogie stomp not unlike Coloured Balls, who they all obviously have spent some time with. ‘Serpent City’ opens with a deranged mess of feedback before picking up steam as Nathan Williams’ caterwauling vocals are introduced.

I played a show with these guys the other day and can honestly say they are the best live band I’ve seen in an age, revealing a more psych-fucked edge than the two tracks on their promo cassette betray. A 7” and LP are in the works, also on Cool Death, for later this year/the next. Lobby would be proud.


‘Serpent City’ is one part of a two-track promo cassette available through Cool Death Recordings.

(Featured Photo: Sigourney Ormston)


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