Sydney synth-punks M.O.B. have just released an oddity of a record on RIP Society. It’s a record that warrants discussion, yet its heaviness and bleary scope is an unwelcome challenge to talk about at length. It’s easier to just feel it and remain stumped. The song embedded above doesn’t appear on their record and thus, it’s not an attempt at stirring interest with cleverly tied-in promo. M.O.B does not live in that realm.

The clip for ‘Second Coming of Australiens’ (hear an earlier demo / the first coming here) is a collage of eerie YouTube videos clashing with scenes of  normality, all interspersed with shots of the band members laying on pavement, drinking tea, etc. It evokes a sense of crack-pot mythology reminiscent of budget conspiracy theory docos claiming to hold the truth about sinister undergrounds that don’t exist: “or do they?”

M.O.B.’s self-titled LP is out now on RIP Society.


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