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Watch: Scraps – Projections

Scraps is the long-time solo moniker for Brisbane’s Laura Hill. Recently returned from a tour of Europe, Scraps has released a clip for ‘Projections,’ one of the more playful cuts from her recent LP Electric Ocean which spends as much time in melancholic contemplation as it does forging this kind of electro anti-hit.

Electric Ocean was released to little local attention on UK label Fire Records in March, but that’s not for want of quality. The clip for ‘Projections’ features clipping analog shots of cemetaries, live crowds and constantly changing channels of a a CRT television. It’s appropriate visual company for Hill’s brand of colourful electro-pop, one that smears its slickness with a grounded modesty sourced from Scraps’ beginnings as a bedroom project.

Electric Ocean is out now on Fire Records, but copies seem to be strangely hard to come by.



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