Win a double pass to Crawlspace Presents @ Boney this Saturday night

satmay17This Saturday night Crawlspace Presents returns to Melbourne for a night of very good music. There are other more creative ways of pitching this to you, but let’s keep it simple. It will be a night of very good music because great artists are playing: Four Door, Lace Curtain, Lucy Cliche and Freejack.

To celebrate the night, we are giving away a double pass. This means you will not need to pay to get in. Instead, your name will be on a special list and you will be allowed to enter the bandroom without exchanging money. You will need to save your money now that Joe Hockey has ruined the country.

To enter, just email us at and write one sentence about whatever you like. The sentence can contain as many words as you wish. If you write two sentences and you’re the winner, I will also send you a copy of the Dead or Alive 5 soundtrack, which is music from the video game of the same name. If you choose to opt out of the CD giveaway, we will understand.

You will need to enter before 5pm on Friday afternoon in order to be eligible. Check out the Facebook event page here.



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