New Music

Listen: The Fronds – Endless Blues

If Superstar’s 2013 LP A Toast To… made you sing Regurgitator’s ‘I Like Your Old Stuff Better Than Your New Stuff’ under your breath, then The Fronds may appeal. It’s Kieran Hegarty, one half of Superstar, doing his own solo thing. It’s quite different to Superstar but the programmed beats and tangential guitar lines have the same narcoleptic effect, albeit a bit cheekier. It’s kinda like the Superstar live cassette which Night People released a while back, in the way the guitar lines press against the speakers with that lovely clipping effect. Hence the Regurgitator reference. Sorry about that one.

Not really sure what the future holds for Superstar, but Esther Edquist also has her own solo project in the form of Dead Calm, which we covered a few months back. Maybe if you listen to them at the same time you’ll have a new Superstar song. But I doubt it.



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