New Music

Listen: Dry Mouth – Gone Troppo


Dry Mouth is a Melbourne duo featuring Cooper Bowman (Flat Fix, solo) and Sean McMorrow. ‘Gone Troppo’ is the A-side of a new Vir Rash 7 inch which is available now here. The band name calls to mind one of the worst symptoms of marijuana consumption, while the music itself calls to mind some of the better. Dry Mouth works at a slow, narcoleptic pace and with a freedom which recalls the blazed chain of visual associations staring at a wall after a casual arvo bong can elicit. If you think I’m taking the drug references too far with this one, get a load of the album art above (provided by the inimitable Christopher LG Hill).

This 7 inch follows an Alberts Basement issued cassette entitled Astral Outback, which is still available over at Eternal Souncheck.




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