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Watch: Clag – Beside

If you ask me (and you’re welcome to ask me whenever you like), Clag were one of the best Australian punk groups of the ’90s, so it’s weird to write about them in the present tense. When I spoke to Bek Moore on the reissue of Clag’s catalogue a couple of years ago, it seemed unlikely that they would do anything new, but here we are with new stuff.

It comes in the form of a limited edition 7 inch issued through Bedroom Suck, which coincides with the increasingly dubious Record Store Day initiative, which nowadays involves famous middling indie rock groups releasing novelty covers of Flaming Lips tracks to adoring people on the internet at exorbitant prices. Clag is Clag though, so we’ll turn a blind eye and relish the songs. ‘Beside’ will feature, and you can watch the clip (directed by Merl Beauregard) above. They’re playing in Melbourne with Full Ugly, Ela Stiles and Tim Richmond on April 19.



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