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Listen: Ruined Fortune – Black and Red


Lately I’ve finally gotten around to listening to this debut Ruined Fortune LP, which is newly available through Hozac Records. The Sydney group features Angela Bermuda from Circle Pit, Straight Arrows and… um, Angie as well as Nic Warnock from Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys, Exotic Dog and Model Citizen. It also features contributions from members of Cured Pink, Blank Realm and Per Purpose, among others. We discussed it briefly with Angie during this recent interview.

The track below, ‘Black and Red’, is good but it’s not wholly representative of what the self-titled LP has to offer. The record wavers between dark and dirgy rock and more delicate (but still dirty) tracks that bend slightly in the direction of weird basement pop ala The Shadow Ring. Either way, it balances the two instincts with a better sense of cohesion than I expected, and I intend to write further on it soon (so expect a review in 2015 at my current rate of work).



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