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Listen: Victim on Another Dark Age

Here’s a track from Australian producer Victim, which appears on the first sampler from a new Australian vinyl label called Another Dark Age. The 12 inch features contributions from four artists including Form A Log (featuring Ren Schofield of Container) and Phantom Selector from Rhode Island, while Victim and Carrier reside in some unspecified Australian locale.

I don’t have much information on Victim (he or she does not want to be named) but apparently the artist has released several cassette releases under different names in the past. Is it UB40? There’s nothing stopping you from believing it. The track below sits right on the bleeding edge between noise and techno, with the space between beats rippling into spacious zones of steely, high-rise oblivion.

The Another Dark Age sampler releases April 7 and can be pre-ordered here, with samples of each track from the record available on the label’s Soundcloud page. You can keep up with the label’s happenings here.

In other exciting ADA-related news, the label advises that its second release will come from Andrew McLellan. Most readers will know McLellan as the mind behind Brisbane’s Cured Pink, a co-operator of the Disembraining Machine label, as well as a member of Greg Boring and Bitter Defeat. He also likes School Girl Report.



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