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Listen: Comfort Cassettes sampler

Comfort Cassettes is a new Melbourne based label specialising in cassette runs limited to 35 copies. According to its operator, the limit is there because “keeping the numbers limited makes it easy to release a huge range of different stuff.” The label currently has eight releases in its catalogue, and it’s true so far that the roster is diverse.

Judging from the free digital sampler, which is available to stream and download below, Domestic Worker is the most interesting. There’s scant information regarding who this is, but ‘Oil’ is a highlight with its sad, minor key melody awash in a bucket of quiet, oozing filth. It’s evocative of a meeting between Alistair Galbraith and Vincent Over the Sink.

Meanwhile, Zanzibar Chanel member Baba-X is probably the best-known artist of the lot, while the rest of the artists comprise the likes of “unreleased Australian post-punk group” Franco Cozzo, synth-punk group Yakks and “Mangrove rock” group Gorsha, among others. Have a listen, or download at the Bandcamp.



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