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Listen: Wonderfuls – Be Careful of What You’ve Become

wonderfuls7Following the limited vinyl release of Salty Town last year, Brisbane duo Wonderfuls will release their second 7 inch later this month in the form of Be Careful of What You’ve Become. Released through UK label No Magic Man Records, it’s a four track EP which, sonically at least, follows in the footsteps of last year’s LP (so if you’re hoping for a return to the rough-as-guts sound of their first 7 inch, you’re out of luck).

‘Evoke’ is the second track on the A-side, and it captures the blunt-yet-cryptic sadness that lay at the core of Robert Vagg’s lyrics, as well as the unashamedly beautiful guitar work of Danny McGirr. Speaking to McGirr over email, he said “like most things we release – it’s not about a single song. Play it through speakers if you can, [because] it hasn’t been recorded for the digital age. There are lots of little artifacts, but on wax those sounds fade into the crackle and room atmosphere.”

More words on this once I’ve let the whole record sink in. Those who loved Salty Town will want to get this immediately, and it’s available right now.



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