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Listen: Freejack – The Mind Exhumed



Freejack is Melbourne’s Liam Osborne, who you may know better as a member of Flesh World and, formerly, the artist behind Synthetic Texxxture. Freejack is Osborne doing quiet and ominous abstract techno music, low BPMs and no fuss. ‘The Mind Exhumed’ reminds me of my favourite Muslimgauze LP Dome of the Rock, in the way it combines several simple musical ideas and pushes them until they they start to sound like languages, like the mechanisms and the repetitions are conspiring to warn us of something.

‘The Mind Exhumed’ features on a cassette entitled Untitled Document 2, which is available through Osborne’s Future Archaic label. It follows, naturally, Untitled Document 1 (which is still available) and comes ahead of a new cassette due for release soon entitled The Blood Of The Rich Will Fill Our Streets. All Future Archaic releases can be purchased through Warehouse Music Disposal.

Freejack will appear live in Melbourne on February 28 alongside Word of Life Church SS, Von Einem, Asps, Prolife, Flat Fix and Cale Sexton. Full details here.



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