New Music

Listen: Angel Eyes – Heave

Angel Eyes

This new Angel Eyes track comes with the warning that it won’t be appearing on any official releases and that it’s little more than a “muck around“. It’s still worth a listen though, if only because it reflects a little of the change we heard in Andrew Cowie’s live show during the second half of 2013. Not a huge resemblance really, but the sharpness of the beats stands in contrast with the dreamier album material we’ve heard before.

I’ve read Angel Eyes described as “cold” but I’ve always felt it was the complete opposite (Dire Dish sounded like it was melting, geez!) but the sounds here could easily be described as frosty. No idea whether this track signifies a new direction (I’m guessing it doesn’t) but I don’t expect the next Angel Eyes record to sound much like the last.



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