New Music

Listen: Matthew P. Hopkins – Nocturnes

After years releasing solo material under names including Bad Tables and Lamp Puffer, Matthew Hopkins will release a full-length LP through Vittelli on January 27. According to the label, Nocturnes was recorded in late 2013 using “synth, cassettes, FX pedals, contact mic and random objects”.

Hopkins, who plays with Half High, Four Door and formerly (?) Naked on the Vague, released a few small run CD-R and 7 inch releases in 2013 including the Vent CD-R and the Small Entry flexi-disc, but both disappeared quickly. Similarly Nocturnes will be limited to 300 copies, so if you want a copy you’d best email the label. While the sample below won’t come as a huge surprise to anyone with a copy of Half High’s Suspension, Hopkins’ past solo works show quite a breadth of range so it’ll be interesting to hear the record in full.



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