2013 in review: artists and Crawlspace editors

Lia Tsamoglou and Kell Derrig-Hall (Melodie Nelson, The Singing Skies)


We decided to nominate people to win awards in the categories of our choice. The crowning ceremony would take place at a froyo place in Newtown, whichever place inner westies are most outraged about.

Most glamorous album to do Pilates/yoga/your daily physiotherapy stretches to: Montero – The Loving Gaze

Best Bill Callahan album: Bill Callahan – Dream River (close second Kirin J Callinan –Embracism)

Best album art that looks like their first album art: Bushwalking – No Enter

Most anticipated album release for 2013: Lucy Cliche – Picture Yourself

Best Queensland Kraut Rock release: Primitive Motion – Worlds Floating By

Best Sydney Band on the nightclub circuit: Four Door

Best new/old discovery: Roxy Music – Country Life

Good music to read to: Half High, Solaris Soundtrack, Laurie Spiegel

Album we haven’t found the right mood to listen to in full but already heard all of the tracks anyway: Kirin J Calinan – Embracism

Band to watch “The Froyo of 2014 Award”: Terza Madre

Quiet Achiever Award: Ben Mason

Best tour buds: joint winners Laura Imbruglia band/Courtney Barnett band

Most anticipated release for 2014: Moonmilk – Frog Sounds of Bundanon

Best EP to listen to when hungover : Psycolcops Eyepatch – Paranoise

Smiley face and hugs we’ll miss: Shaun South xx

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2 thoughts on “2013 in review: artists and Crawlspace editors

  1. Philippe says:

    This sounds insanely sappy, but just want to say that I’ve enjoyed reading Crawlspace so much this year. This post tops it off too.

    All the best in bringing writing about more eclectic music in 2014.


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