2013 in review: artists and Crawlspace editors

Lincoln Brown (Housewives)


2013 – Fave Aussie Releases

Cured Pink 7’’
Ausmuteants (Both 7’’s and the LP)
Sacred Product CS
Satanic Rockers LP
Red Red Krovvy 7’’
Native Cats LP
Peak Twins 7’’
The Friendsters – UP2 CS
Everything from Cool Death Records

2013 – Fave live sets

18/01/13 at Oxford Art Factory w/ No Zu + Terrible Truths

Legendary Bronx band makes good on boys funky headphone bus ride daydreams, live. Vocal effects and live mix was as perfect as on the album and not in a tacky way. Rhythmic energy translated perfectly in the wide room, the only time I ever and probably ever will appreciate the venue. Was very happy to be able to say thanks to the band as they crossed Oxford St.

Chrome Dome
01/03/13 at The Tote w/ Rule Of Thirds + Sky Needle + Nun + Flat Fix

We arrived late to the set from a clash of shows, and quickly realized we missed out on a great show. Chrome Dome had evolved into a beast since I last saw them, probably over a year before. With a very powerful strobe light aimed at the audience it was a challenge to watch, but the reward was great. The band had such a firm grasp of what they were capable of that they were able to be loose and have fun with their synths. Bryce Sweatman’s combination of live and electronic percussion was right on the mark.

Sky Needle
02/03/13 at The Grace Darling basement w/ Dead Boomers + Encounter Group + Housewives

The most raucous set I’ve seen from home from these guys. A packed audience rocking back and forth, with the help of band member Glan Schenau bashing into them. Loud aggressive surging (out-of-)tunes topped with Sarah Byrne’s yelps and howls evolving into shrieks and yells. Lots of fun.

Circle Pit
23/03/13 at The Red Rattler w/ Scott & Charlene’s Wedding + The Friendsters

First Circle Pit show since early 2012 I believe, and a triumphant return. I’ve never seen the band tighter and on the ball, and I’ve been going to see this band since well before it was legal for me to be inside the venues they played at. They teased us with a few new powerful glam songs from an elusive (and let me assure you, awesome) EP that hasn’t had a release yet.

Encounter Group
29/06/13 at my house w/ The Friendsters + Circle Pit + Naked On The Vague

My #2 favorite set of the year, right after ESG, and in the comfort of my living room. The night started with a rad set from The Friendsters. Then the main event, Encounter Group a great set where Jeremy and Tim lock in the groove as Lynton delivers us his antics over the top. At the end of the house party tipsy set full of heckling, the last song went off on a new kind of tangent. Lynton started a dance move where he would stare out into the audience with his guitar hanging on him, look to the side as he wiggles and uncoordinately starts undoing his belt, which progressed into him lowering his pants, which in turn had us at the front take his guitar and mash it and his guitar pedals on the ground as he continued his dance. And the band kept playing.

To add to the Daft Punks playing at my house two short impromptu reunion sets followed. One from Circle Pit as Jack and Angie with Mat Neville on drums, Ben Hepworth on bass, Liam Kenny on guitar and Lynton playing harmonica/yelling some gibberish. Then Naked On The Vague, who I’m not sure how long it’s been since they played. Matt and Lucy had Ben Hepworth on bass and Emma Ramsay on drums, a real treat for us.

The UV Race
21/09/13 at Will’s house w/ Angie

Another great house show set that nobody wanted to end. They played more of their slower feel good and/or sad songs then the abrasive set the night before, which had crowd surfing and speakers almost getting knocked over. This choice of set was perfect for the mood: they played at sunset under Will’s car port, which backs onto a public golf course. Highlights include ‘Lego Man’, a cover of Swell Map’s ‘Midget Submarine’ and Marcus’ delayed reaction to Georgia’s sax falling over and breaking some glasses “Oh, bullshit!”

Destiny 3000 + Bent
05/10/13 at Real Bad Music w/ Girls Girls Girls + Housewives + Big Richard Insect + Psy Ants

Two awesome sets from two brand new bands in 2013. I had been very excited to see Bent and they blew away expectations. Unpredictable girl fronted no wave/post punk. Rythmic drums under cool bass lines with lucid chimey guitar over the top. This D3k set was one of my favorites from them despite not being the tightest I’ve seen them. Their intoxicated good vibes projected out through the hot dilapidated laboratory that is Real Bad Music. The night finished with an impromptu set from Psy Ants, but probably not as you have ever seen them. The members swapped over their usual instruments and after what may have once been a song of theirs, as Aiden tried to get everyone to be quiet to start the second song, he found another member he wasn’t expecting on guitar. “Who the fuck is that guy?”

Maggot Fest: Drain Rave
03/11/13 at Flemington Drain w/ Oily Boys + Simfuckers + Havittajat +Gutter Gods

As we walked down the path to this spot under a road I told the Stewart sisters I thought that this show would be like the start of The Warriors. When we arrived Harriet was quick to agree. The night was cold, and I was considering leaving until a friend lent me a jumper. When the bands played the only light source among the crowd was a strobe. The bands that played are some of the most violent sounding yet progressive at the moment. But not progressive in a ’70s wank fest sense, but they are all taking hardcore and moving it forward by making it weirder. And this was the perfect setting to experience it.

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2 thoughts on “2013 in review: artists and Crawlspace editors

  1. Philippe says:

    This sounds insanely sappy, but just want to say that I’ve enjoyed reading Crawlspace so much this year. This post tops it off too.

    All the best in bringing writing about more eclectic music in 2014.


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