New Music

Listen: Half High – Shapeless Advice


Below is the untitled B-side from a new Half High 7 inch, out now through Altered States. Entitled Shapeless Advice, it’s the first new material the duo has released since last year’s pretty incredible CD-R/tape release Suspension. This track definitely errs closer to the gloomy side of what we’ve heard from the band so far. It sounds like a death march. I write about video games for a living (I know) and I wish game studios would use music like this in their depressing post-apocalyptic wasteland shooters instead of Eminem and token-Hollywood-score-guy, but there’s a lot wrong with video games and we won’t go into them now.

Coinciding with this release, by the way, is the LP reissue of Suspension through RIP Society. We described it back in 2012 as… well we didn’t describe it at all really, just shat on about Lovecraft and sentient machines for about 500 words. Decent read though. I’m gonna double dip and so should you.



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