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Listen: Civilisation – Plaguebody Gush

Civilisation is the solo project of Nic De Jong, who nowadays plays as a third of Model Citizen but also has a history in Sydney groups including the much missed Ghosts of Television and Naked on the Vague. Now based on the Central Coast, De Jong is making cryptic and occult leaning pop music under the name Civilisation. ‘Pop’ might be a bit misleading: of all the material he’s hosting currently on his YouTube channel, ‘Plaguebody Gush’ is probably the best for that category (though don’t miss this).

This sounds like a pretty natural development from De Jong’s previous solo guise None Music. There’s a strange ritualistic quality that has carried over, but also in evidence are sounds redolent of ’80s/’90s electronic pop groups including Coil and Talk Talk.

Yeah, those are two pretty contrasting touchstones, but you’ll need to listen to the track to understand what I’m getting at. This song is pretty perfect.



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