New Music

Listen: Buzz Kull – Bloom


Turns out M.O.B. isn’t the only Sydney duo keen on Q Lazzarus. Buzz Kull covered ‘Goodbye Horses’ back in May last year, proving beyond doubt that indie rock bands, video game soundtrack licensees and that-guy-from-Bloc-Party aren’t the only entities/people keen on that song. It feels like everyone’s keen on it, actually. Which is good.

Subject at hand though is Buzz Kull’s new digital EP Heat, which just turned up on the internet and is ready to be listened to right now. Buzz Kull sound like they draw more heavily from the British post-punk school than a lot of their dark, synth oriented contemporaries in Australia, and that’s not such a bad thing. More bleak than anxious, depressive rather than snarly. You can get it here.



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