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Listen: a Sleeper mix tape


To celebrate the release of his new cassette From Beyond on Room 40 offshoot A Guide to Saints, New Zealand drone pop artist C.J Parahi, aka Sleeper, has provided us with an illuminating mix tape. It is probably best listened to while nodding off, so make sure you’re not operating heavy machinery or watching televised sport.

Sleeper’s new cassette is definitely worth checking out while you’re here: it somehow manages to marry cloudy ambiance with some very unusual widescreen cinematic moves. One minute you’re staring into a supernaturally bright sky just waiting for an apocalyptic gash to appear, and the next you’re ever so slowly drifting into it. Towards, but never through. It’s beautiful.

But in the meantime, here’s the mix tape for you. There are a couple of fairly obvious touchstones and also some outliers. The track list is below the embed.

Opening Title – The Driller Killer
Virginal II – Tim Hecker
794-9065 – Lee Noble
Two Ellipses – Primitive Motion
Angel Dust – Pierrot Lunaire
Edge of Darkness (Excerpt) – Sleeper
Creeper – Sleeper
Shade – Komodo Haunts
Mist Call – Komodo Haunts
A Place to Get Lost In – Love Cult
The Unexplainable – Andreas Brandal
Winter Meeting – Selaxon Lutberg



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